Escape Rooms

We know what you're thinking... "I need some friends!" Well, we have just what you need - solve clues and puzzles to escape, so grab your friends and come visit us today! And if you need more friends, bring the ones you have along and you can always make new ones here.






Our escape rooms are perfect for groups of 2-12 people who want an activity they'll enjoy together while still being able to talk about it later! Whether your team of family and friends have never worked together or if you have played hundreds of games before, our escape rooms are sure to be challenging yet enjoyable no matter what level you play at. Our puzzles will keep even the most experienced players on their toes as they try to solve them before time runs out!

What Our Clients Say

Image by Jon Tyson

Morgan Wolf, West Virginia

"Great place for date night or group outing! We did the escape room and had a blast. 10/10 would recommend. Clean place. Friendly owners. Locally owned!!"

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