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Can you hit the bullseye?

Let's see what you got!


Hunt for clues to prove that the Mothman is REAL...


Investigate the strange bunker you've found outside of Area 51.

Axe Throwing is a new and exciting form of entertainment that is gaining popularity in the U.S. Similar to darts, axe throwing is based on ability to hit your target, with the opponent with the highest points securing the win. Never thrown an axe? No worries! Our trained staff will show you how to throw an axe during a brief coaching session before you start. Our facility can host up to 40 guests for axe throwing, so contact us for your next corporate team building activity, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, anniversary, or even a really creative marriage proposal! Must be ages 12 years and up.

As a third generation Sheriff now employed by the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department, you have been receiving numerous calls about recent Mothman sightings. It all comes back to you, the tales your grandfather told during your childhood about the elusive Mothman case. As you make your way to the cold case file room, you find your grandfather’s office, untouched since he worked the case in 1967. You need to convince the town that the Mothman is back again and find proof of his existence before another deadly disaster happens on your watch!

Intermediate Level of Difficulty

Recommended for 6-10 players

While on vacation with your family and friends, you decide to tour the Nevada test and training center at Grooms Lake in Nevada.  Your group spots a restricted area and slip away unnoticed.  Entering the dilapidated building, you discover that what appeared to be an abandoned area is actually a secret bunker. What are they hiding?  It's been reported that aliens are being kept somewhere in Area 51...are they real? You figure you have about an hour to collect the clues and reveal the truth so you can re-join the tour before they discover that you are missing!

Intermediate Level of Difficulty

Recommended for 4-8 Players




Pizza Special while you enjoy throwing axes to complete your party.  Large 14 inch pizza up to 2 toppings just $13. 

Call us to add pizza and soft drinks to your activity!


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