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Escape Rooms

Our escape rooms are perfect for groups of 2-10 people who want an activity they'll enjoy together while still being able to talk about it later! Whether your team of family and friends have never worked together or if you have played hundreds of games before, our escape rooms are sure to be challenging and enjoyable no matter what level you play at. Our puzzles will keep even the most experienced players on their toes as they try to solve them before time runs out! Locations in Barboursville and Charleston.



You're on vacation with family and friends to tour the Nevada Test and Training Center at Groom's Lake.  You spot a restricted area and slip away unnoticed.  Entering the building you find what appeared to be an abandoned area is actually a secret bunker! It's been reported aliens are being kept somewhere at Area 51....are they real? You have an hour to figure out the clues and reveal the truth so you can rejoin the tour before they discover you are missing!

Moderate to Difficult level of difficulty

2-10 players

60 minute game                      




You're a 3rd generation sheriff with the Cabell County Sheriff's department.  You've received numerous calls about the recent Mothman sitings.  It all comes back to you the tales your grandfather told during your childhood about the elusive Mothman case.  As you make your way to cold case file room, you find your grandfather's office, untouched since he worked the case in 1967. Your job is to convince the town the Mothman is back! And find proof of his existence before another deadly disaster happens on your watch.

Beginner to Intermediate level of difficulty

2-10 players

60 minute game


taken door.jpg




Soon after arriving for your much awaited vacation, your group has taken a cab but realize the driver is not taking you to the hotel.  You are hand-cuffed and taken to an unknown location.  You overheard the kidnappers say your group will be held in the back room of a store and they will be back in one hour to transport your group.  The front of their store is where the kidnappers sell items they have stolen from the victims.  This isn't the first time they have kidnapped and there have been many others held here before.  Using the clues others left behind, you must escape within the hour before the kidnappers return.  


Beginner level of difficulty

2-6 players

60 minute game

wizard book picture.jpg


Rumor has it, the owner of the local magic shop is said to have real, magical powers and is a true wizard.  It's been said there is a hidden entrance somewhere in the magic shop that leads to his chambers where the true magic happens.  You are hoping to find the secret entrance, but be warned if you do, he has the magic ability to trap you in his chambers to guard his secret. He will be returning in one hour so hurry before time runs out!

Intermmediate level of difficulty

2-8 players

60 minute game

What Our Customers Say

Image by Jon Tyson

Morgan Wolf, West Virginia

"Great place for date night or group outing! We did the escape room and had a blast. 10/10 would recommend. Clean place. Friendly owners. Locally owned!!"

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